My name is Pablo Álvarez Yáñez.

I'm a software engineer living in San Francisco, California. I was born and raised in Galicia, and I lived in Madrid and Sweden for a while too.

I'm currently working at Denodo Technologies

Creative Commons License Caminha, Portugal by me

I love travelling. You can find the pictures of my last trips in my flickr account

I also like music, photography, and reading Neal Stephenson and Tolstoi books.

Since 2005, I've been writing on my blog A Z U L N E O N with my friend Félix, in Spanish though

Professionally speaking, I work primarily as web developer with light weight Java apps, based on Hibernate, Spring and Wicket. We all love Wicket!

I also write in RoR on my free time

You might also be interested in my master thesis about automated testing of Java parsers from an Erlang node

Creative Commons License Cycling @ Kreuzberg, Berlin by me
You can reach me at or via my LinkedIn profile
Creative Commons License 1001 club @ London by me
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